All classes focus on wellness, upper body strength training, flexibility and most importantly fun! Classes are 60 min. long. We encourage students to arrive at least ten minutes early. Our teachers follow a weekly program consisting of spins, climbs and combos to earn strength and flexibility. We want to see each and every one of our students succeed and achieve their personal goals safely, while embracing and respecting their bodies and abilities. It starts with the basic level (pole 1) to gain strength and confidence with the pole before gradually move to higher levels.

Pole, Level Pole 11

This essential class is the perfect introduction to pole dance & sensual fitness for absolute beginners. Learn the language of the pole, such as holds, basics spins, dance moves and conditioning, with an emphasis on injury prevention. We incorporate beautiful, low impact floor work to help build upper body and core strength while promoting flexibility and confidence. All of our floor work moves become an integral  and necessary part of the dance element in future levels. You will also learn how to incorporate these moves,  which tighten and tone your body, into your first routine. Three months are usually needed to reach the next level.ity.

Pole 2Pole, Level 2

This course is designed for students who have completed Level 1 or have practiced the pole dance in other schools.Once you have your essentials down and feel comfortable with your basic pole techniques, holds and spins, we begin preparing for inversions with two legs (Crucifix and Layback) and with one leg (Gemini and Scorpio). Arms, back, abs and legs will be involved throughout the work. Generally it needs a few  months to go to the next level.

Pole, Level 3Pole 3

This level requires some muscle and strength and flexibility. Also more complex poses and transitions (Allegra, Diva Dive, Yogini etc…) are working. the students should be able to maintain a Shoulder Mount for 5 seconds and have the poses at least two seconds to move to the next level.

Pole 4

Pole, Level 4

To access this level the students have to be confident with the Twister Grip. Advanced figures as the Russian Split, splits variations on the pole, drops and other variations of the most popular figures. Learn a multitude of challenging climb variations and combo spins.

Pole 5Pole, Level 5

Build on the foundation you’ve built, and get ready to start doing more complex tricks and transitions! We’ll be taking you up, down, around, and upside down. (This class level requires previous pole experience and familiarity with climbing.). Becoming acrobatic, with a new Level of moves, inspired by the challenge of Pole Dancing has to offer. Arms, back, abs and legs are involved in the work.


Pole Kids

During the lesson it learns to work the entire body and use all muscles to perform aerobatic figures with and without the use of pole. Children will play and work to improve flexibility and coordination. Recommended levels of physical activity for children aged 5 – 14 years.

Pole Boys

This class is open to allow men to approach and learn the basic elements of this discipline. Se trabajarán sobre todo la fuerza tanto de hombros como de abdomen y piernas y se podrá particular atención a la flexibilidad también. It will work the strength of shoulders, abdomen and legs and we will make a special attention to the flexibility.