Complementary Classes

We encourage students to take additional classes as supplemental training. Additional classes can increase basic strength, deepen the student’s understanding of the pole dance vocabulary, or broaden the scope of her training. These classes consist of 60 minutes of combined exercise, preceded and followed by warm-up exercises and stretching.

Aerial Silks – Aerial Hoop – Trapece

With the Aerial Silks you can create figures, perform tricks and stunts and generally have a play! The variety of moves, drops, wraps, twists and turns are practically endless and create an ever intriguing challenge. The aerial hoop gives you the opportunity to execute dynamic tricks, spins and swings! You don’t need any experience to be able to give Aerial Silks/Hoop a go. There are tricks and exercises for people of all levels an our teacher structure each session so that you can progress whatever your level.



This one hour class is open to anyone aspiring to achieve flexibility. You do not need to be enrolled in pole classes to join into this Flexy extravaganza. We are talking party trick splits and super back bends. This is a great add on to your pole classes too as it will greatly improve your form with those killer flexy pole tricks. Do you prepare to bend in all directions? Suitable for all levels.


In this course we will teach and help in improving flexibility by adding acrobatics to the floor, also in pairs.

Suitable for all levels.

exotic 2Exotic poledance

Exotic Pole

Sensual dance at the bar with choreography in which the movements focus on developing the femininity, flirtation and strength of the dancer as a woman. These dances are high heels.

Suitable for all levels.


Class dance choreography of all kinds with and without heels. In this class we learn to dance with the pole with different styles of music.

Suitable for all levels.

8109136eca1ab41c8c75809702cb7a5f POLEART

A class focused on choreography and movement. you will learn the connections of the steps without and with the music. In this class we want to develop our passion and let ourselves be moved to the rhythm of dance and music!!

Suitable for all levels

watch the video of Poleart:


Cardio and toning class… working the resistance and reinforcing our body for our future acrobatics. Very fun class making circuits in the poles and using dumbbells, elastic and other things to put our body to the limit!