Founder and CEO of Pole & Dance Mallorca.

Marketa founded Pole & Dance Mallorca in 2010 after 12 years as an artist in the main halls of the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and of course Mallorca. Choreographer and poledancer recognized nationally with her bronze medal at the 2011 Spanish Championship.

Marketa trained with the best poledancer in the world: Anastasia Skukhtorova, Evgeni Greshilov, Zoraya Judd, Kristian Lebedev, Galina Musina, Michelle Shimmy, Alesia Vazmitsel, Marion Crampe, Natasha Wang, Hanka Venselaar and Phoenix Kazree among others.

He has been a member of the jury of the Pole Battle Spain and Europe, and 2 times of the Cup Style Spain. As well as organizer of the Pole Battle Spain and vice-president of the Poledance Association of the Balearic Islands. She is currently a judge of the POSA World Federation, her last job being to judge the Poledance competition in the CSIT World Games 2019. She is also President of the Spanish Pole Posa Federation.

Marketa mainly deals with the more advanced levels of Pole, Exotic, Showdance and some of the flexibility classes. It will transport you to the world of Poledance combining kindness, style, fun, art, strength and elegance!


Poledance instructor and receptionist.

En Pole&Dance Mallorca la podemos llamar la «“Mami of the academy”» además de ser una de nuestras profesoras. Empezó a practicar pole dance en el 2012.

Trained by our instructor and director Marketa, she also held workshops with Veronika Rehorová, the world champion of the Pole Sport 2015 in the doubles category. Collaborated in the Pole Battle Spain 2015 is also a cheerleader in all the events and events that our academy offers. She has conducted workshops with Slava Ruza.

From September 2015, she is also one of the Academy receptionist.
She is currently the mother of a super poledancer called Africa.


Instructor of Poledance and Power Pole and Community Manager.

Tras 4 años practicando pole en Italia con el método Pole Theatre y dos años practicando en Pole & Dance Mallorca realizo también workshops con Natasha Wang, Alex Musaico, Dana Hesse, Alessandra Marchetti, Slava Ruza, Summer Pole Camp Italy 2015, Pole and Fitness Las Vegas, Be Spun Los Angeles y ganadora de la competición «Fora Por» en Wave House Mallorca 2016.

She is also a professional singer and vocal coach and has more than 25 years of experience in the world of entertainment, radio and television.


Poledance instructor level 1 and 2.

After 2 years practicing pole in Pole & Dance Mallorca she is one of our best examples of progression, will and determination.

Her love of sports and her experience in dealing with people mixed with her kindness, make her classes an ideal mix of art and fun.

She has conducted workshops with Slava Ruza and Anna Nikulina.


Silks and hoop instructor and dance/ burlesque instructor.

Despite her youth she has an impressive training in dance, ballet, flamenco, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, aerial and pole as well as in theater and singing.

She is also part of the "Queens of Cabaret" group and has been a dancer at the Burlesque Theater.

Her training, experience, kindness and artistic skills make her classes an unforgettable time.


Instructor of Poledance, flexi, Pole Exotic and showdance.

Graduated in Pole Trainer by the Air & Pole STD School in Cheliabinsk and by the State College of Art & Cird M.N.

Rumyntseva from Russia has also participated in the Russian Artistic pole and Suga Mama.


Hypopressive and Power Pilates Instructor

Nurse by UCLM Ciudad Real. Nurse Specialist in Sports Nursing by the UV Carlos Herrera. Personal Trainer. Teacher of Bikram, Hatta and Yoga Therapy with 1200 hours of training certified by the European Yoga Alliance. Professor of Soil Pilates certified by the Spanish Federation of Pilates. Nurse Specialist in Pelvic Floor and Hipopressive Methodology.


Instructor of Aerials, Telaskids and much more.

Ramiro Germán has been teacher of Pole Dance and Acrotelas for 4 years at Academia Up Studio and Fly Center Córdoba in Argentina. He is currently with us and is one of the favorite instructors of the students.

-Champion Argentina cat professional 2015.

-South American finalist 2015.

-South American Subchampion 2016.


Acroyoga Instructor

I am a circus artist trained in in 2009 in Delemont, Switzerland. After several years of learning in different cities in 2015 I went to Granada where I received my first Acroyoga classes with Fani Cazorla (Acroyoga International). Afterwards I continued training with other qualified teachers such as Acrology, Partner Acrobatics, VancityAcro among others. Since 2 years ago I teach this wonderful discipline to anyone who comes to learn by playing, apart from this I have a training in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with a certificate of Yoga Allianz 200h.


Acroyoga Instructor

I am a Certified Yoga Teacher by the Argentine Yoga Association.

I love Yoga, Acroyoga and flying! I have been practicing Acroyoga and Yoga for 7 years and every day I fall in love with these wonderful disciplines. I have done Acroyoga International trainings with really fantastic teachers: Justin Caruso, Jason Nemer, Juampi Travaglini, to name a few. In addition, I did Thai Massage training with Yves Delattre and Integral Yoga training with the Argentine Yoga Association. I am Co-Founder of the Acroyoga festival AcroMountain which has been held for two consecutive years in Mendoza, Argentina, the years 2018 and 2019.